Supply Chain Practice

The Adaptive Supply Chain

The Pursuit supply chain team has a proven track record of re-engineering supply chains. We differentiate ourselves from others because we understand that a properly engineered supply chain is designed and managed with the ultimate objective of improving your organizations profitability and we have the expertise to deliver.

To achieve this flexible Supply Chain, we incorporate our clients entire organizations strategy and long term objectives, while maintaining the neccessary cost controls within daily operations. This approach fosters a Supply chain that is Adaptive, one that can quickly react to changes, mitigate unforeseen issues, and is proactive in identifying and establishing corrective actions before major issues can arise.

By leveraging a collaborative approach, not only among people and organizations, but also among the various systems and applications, we are able to establish a true alignment of the physical flow of products with the digital information required by the various departments and customers.


Pursuit’s Supply Chain Practice can help you prioritize and achieve these top supply chain attributes:

  1. Planning & deploying inventory effectively
  2. Provide predictable delivery performance
  3. New products & service introduction within the supply chain
  4. Reduce Order fulfillment cycle time
  5. Have products in stock at the right time and place
  6. Decrease manufacturing cycle time
  7. Reduce transportation costs
  8. Reduce and /or better manage customer returns [and dispositions]
  9. Improve communication & collaboration among customers and suppliers

The Pursuit Team has a proven track record of transforming companies while taking into consideration the corporate strategy and long term objectives. With a focus on the tactical, short term needs (usually dealing with cost reductions and cost controls), Pursuit’s supply chain experts can develop an actionable road map and prioritize the correct tasks in order to optimize your entire supply chain, that is not merely a cost-cutting measure, but enabling a dynamic, profitable supply chain.

Check out our Lead Logistics Provider Solution or call for more information on how Pursuit’s Supply chain practice will not only improve the value of your supply chain, but also your bottom line.