Temperature Controlled

Flexible, Fully Integrated Supply Chain Solutions for the complexities of Temperature Controlled Food Distribution.

Over its 35 years in business Pursuit has gained extensive experience managing food distribution for a wide variety of food products including; Baked goods, Meats, Snack Foods, Candy and Produce.   Our diverse experience has provided us with a keen understanding of the complexities associated with managing the requirements of a temperature controlled supply chain.

On top of the usual shipment protocol required for moving consumer goods in a time-sensitive supply chain, when it comes to temperature control, each product faces unique challenges that demand specialized handling in both storage and transport.  Whether it be;  managing variable temperatures, responding to seasonal fluctuations, limitations in capacity or meeting the ever-changing needs of customers,  you can’t afford limited options.  You need a wide variety of integrated, temperature controlled options.

Unlike traditional Asset Based 3PL service providers, who’s primary objective it to maximize their existing capacity and fit clients into their established asset-based network,  Pursuit takes a very different approach.  As a Non-Asset based provider, we are not limited by capacity.  By leveraging strategic partnerships, we are able to develop truly customized and scalable temperature controlled solutions to meet your unique requirements.

The one temperature controlled solution that clearly differentiates us from most other providers (both asset based and non-asset based),  is our Nationwide Temperature Control LTL and Freight Consolidation network.   While many providers ship temperature controlled truckload, few offer nationwide temperature controlled LTL.  And, of the providers that do, they are typically limited to specific regional geography or only offer frozen LTL.   With Pursuit, we not only provide a nationwide LTL solution for all temperature requirements, but we also offer our clients the opportunity to leverage a true LTL freight consolidation and save considerably.

We are well-equipped to manage the most sophisticated of temperature control requirements.  Our Temperature Control Solutions include:

•Nationwide LTL Temperature Control and Consolidation Network.

•Network Optimization.

•Scalable Warehousing Capacity

•Systems Integration (WMS & TMS and into your ERP, OMS sytems) to offer end-to-end supply chain visibility

•Freight Payment

•Performance Management (KPI), Management Dashboards.

No need to tackle all of the complexities and diverse requirements associated with managing a temperature controlled supply chain on your own.  Let Pursuit’s experience, strategic partnerships, technology and best practice temperature controlled solutions go to work for you.